It's a science - but sometimes we forget that we wear hoodies, not lab coats.

I take a lot of pride in what I do, and am the first to recognize when it’s taken for granted.  Believe me when I say it: the personal training industry – complete with its weekend certifications and Facebook fame – leaves a very large stage for ridicule, if the right person wanted to take a shot at it.


‘Cause we both know you’re contributing to at least one of them.

There’s an important point that most people with an interest in fitness seem to forget: It’s the fact that at its core, the fitness industry should be about health, wellness, and basically getting physically (and even mentally) better. Whether most want to believe it or not, the current state of affairs seems to be bringing people further and further away from that silver lining despite looking much more appealing from surface level.

The truth is, you may be worse off than someone who's never set foot in the gym.

Log onto YouTube on any given day and sift past the fluffy stuff. You’ll probably notice it’s teeming with videos of lifters moving impressive numbers in the weight room.  This can be motivating, inspiring, and just what the doctor ordered for you to stop what you’re doing and hit the gym to follow suit.

If you did, your goals would probably be hella different.

As adults, we look at the vulnerability, innocence and impressionable nature of children with smiles on our faces, knowing that those days will soon be gone come their maturation to adulthood.  Although the term “mature” is extremely subjective (especially in this day and age), we can all agree that most of society undergoes at least a modicum of transition to deem them capable of taking care of themselves to some degree.  It’s the reason that grown-ups jaywalk, drink alcohol, drive cars, cook over hot stoves, and can even trust strangers with a discriminating mind.

Despite popular belief, you have no one to blame but yourself. Sorry.

I’ve written a fair amount of articles that place a dual responsibility on fitness professionals and the gymgoers who make the decision to get in shape.  This one takes a different turn, and puts the microscope a bit more on those gymgoers in specificity.  Time and again, such ones are lauded for their efforts in aiming to make a lifestyle change that can mean long-term results in favor of a healthy, more enjoyable and longer life.  And it’s well deserved. Any actions intended to live healthy warrant a pat on the back.