Remember to train your glutes, 'cause that's where reality will bite you when it comes back around.

There was once a revolution that kick-started an idea. This idea revolved around a lifestyle where lifting weights and working out with a measure of purposeful intensity wasn’t necessarily the evil that it was made out to be. Fast forward to today, and we can see that that “revolutionary idea” has transformed itself into the malignity that defines many fitness approaches of current times.

But don't cry over spilled milk if the industry has its hands on your udder.

My industry is excoriated by white collar fatheads and old school sticklers more than any other industry we can think of.
It’s an uphill battle to deal with people who won’t recognize that fitness and health isn’t something  the average person can just “figure out” with no assistance, and this joust between fitness professional and layman proves more challenging when we show up to work wearing a track suit, with a playground for an office.

Getting in the zone, the dark side of the internet, what makes a good coach, and the best movies of the year. It’s all about to go down.

It’s not original at all to create a “year in review” article, but here I sit at my computer, preparing my fourth annual article on that very subject.

I look forward to writing these because they force me to look back on both the good and bad.

Burgers and fries aren't the problem. Trainers are.

Personal Trainers Are Students Of Their Own Craft. At least, they should be. I’ve written myriads of articles on this website that discuss this topic, and take things a step further by addressing the fact that the biggest bollocks spreaders in the fitness industry are given the largest platforms in the world upon which to defecate.

Call me crazy, but I don't think every client is worthy of the clipboard.

I Cringe Every Time I Think Of Run-Of-The-Mill Gyms And Their Protocols For Quality Control Amongst Their Staff Members.

I think part of this is because I once belonged to a commercial gym that literally hired fit-looking people off the street to become trainers on staff.